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For enthusiasts of water sports, especially windsurfing, the area of Afiartis is a real paradise. Afiartis Beach is internationally renowned for the European Windsurfing Competitions that have taken place. The meltemi, the strong Aegean summer wind, is perfect here for surfing and all the other conditions of the place are ideal: excellent facilities and services, easy access and many beaches for all levels. The most popular are Makris Gialos (Chicken Bay) for beginners, Limni (Gun Bay) for intermediate surfers and Vatha (Devil’s Bay) for advanced and champion windsurfers. The long sandy beach of Chicken Bay (Makris Gialos) is ideally suitable for beginners learning to surf.
There are windsurfing clubs here offering excellent services (equipment for hire, lessons for beginners and advanced windsurfers, rescue boat) along with hotels, restaurants and cafes. 

The area of Afiartis is ideal not only for windsurfing but also for Kite-Surfing. Bigdayz kite station is located in the south of the island of Karpathos on the sandy beach called Agrilaopotamos. Perfect sideshore wind conditions, a crystallare lagoon with some shallow water and a reef with a clean wave make our spot a pearl.
In Karpathos the fantastic wind Meltemi blows from May to October and turns up over 30 knots in midsummer. The air and water temperatures are pleasantly warm all season. 

While vacationing in Karpathos, we suggest taking some lessons in scuba diving or snorkeling and explore the underwater beauty of the island. Karpathos Diving Center offers divers of every level the opportunity to explore shallow reefs, caves and rocky formations and see rare species of fish and sea fauna. 

Hiking in Karpathos is quite a popular activity. This is due to the fact that there are many marked paths and routes and places you can visit in every corner of the island. Following Karpathos’ natural trails will reveal mountains, valleys, forests, small chapels, archaeological sites, picturesque coastlines and beaches of unspoken beauty!

Visitors have the opportunity to experience unique ecotourism activities such as hiking tours, botanical trekking, traditional cooking lessons, birdwatching and beekeeping, customized driven tours and many more eco-activities. Visitors of Karpathos will encounter rare endemic plants, animal and birds. 

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Karpathos is an ideal destination for spring (May till June) and autumn (September, October) bike trips, but with good time management visitors can enjoy the ride also in the summer months. Visitors, who love cycling, can explore the island’s beauties with mountain bikes. There are many routes and places that one can visit using a bike. Ten of the island’s villages are connected by the main asphalt road. The rest is a dense net of gravel roads which are perfect for mountain bike tours. Above the main town Pigaida, there is a DH trail for more advanced riders.
Ion Karpathos Club offers mountain bike and cycling gear rental and arranged guided bike tours.

Boat excursions

From May till the end of September small boats offer daily cruises from Pigadia Port, depart in the morning and return in the afternoon. Visitors have the opportunity to cruise from a deck the island’s coastline and visit the most well-known beaches (Achata, Kira Panagia, Apella), Diafani and Saria island, as well as remote beaches that can be reached only by sea Agios Minas and Kato Lakkos. They also offer food and drink so your excursion is more pleasant.

Some of these boats are:
Captain Manolis Karpathos 
Kapetan Nikolas Boat 
Sofia My Love 
Rent your private boat and discover the undiscovered beaches of Karpathos, explore unrivaled sea caves, arrange diving lessons and even fish. 

Visitors also have the opportunity to travel to the neighboring island of Kasos. There is a boat that makes daily trips from the port of Pigadia.  

There are also flights by airplane which happen to be the shortest flights in the world.
Visitors can also enjoy mini-cruises at the Bay of Pigadia with the Orca Glassbottom Boat.